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The Truth About
Beat Production Software

Making great music often requires state-of-the-art computer software that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars to buy.

Professional music producers, various music labels, and recording artists have invested a lot of money to create great music which could take years to recoup. No doubt, making professional, clean sounding music has been expensive for many years - that is, until now.

Luckily, the internet and the open source computer code have given us a wealth of music generating software that is easy to learn, even with little computer skills needed at all.

Since there a several good music making software programs out there, we decided to review several of them and simply decide on the best one. Our key criteria we used were: performance, depth of the music software and beat capability, and ease of use.

In total, we reviewed seven different products. Though, we were overall pleasantly surprised with several music software programs out there, we wanted to figure out the best one and we believe we have found it.

We used the following factors in our evaluation:

  • Performance - Clean and sharp?
  • Depth of the music and beat capability - Can it deliver?
  • Ease of Use - Can anyone learn how to use it?
Dr. Drum Review

Rating 9.5/10

Overall Performance
Easy to Learn

"The best Music Production Software..."

Out of the seven high quality music software programs we reviewed, only one took the prize - Dr. Drum, which allows you to create unlimited and various Hip hop and urban beats on your PC or Mac.

Whether you are an amateur or professional you will find Dr. Drum as a comprehensive music software sequencer, which we know that you will love spending time developing professional music in just minutes.

This music software is packed with usability, but it is also pretty intuitive and easy to use. We found that you can pretty much start making music in any genre right off the bat. The performance capability was also superb. The only limits here were the artist's Tao of Badass.

We were pretty impressed with clean sound that you can create pretty much instantly with unlimited amounts of combination. For what would have cost a music producer thousands of dollars only a few years ago, you can create instant music with the easy to handle navigational elements in this program.

If there was a downside, I would have to say that it is so comprehensive it will take you quite awhile to go through all the possibilities of music making. We are not sure that that's a negative in our book. You may figure out that once you peg down your music genre that you may not need certain elements of the program. Figuring the software will take a good day to really get the feel for what it can do. That's the thing of having a powerful tool - you need time to figure out what you got.

Being intuitive and easy to use, you will find that in no time at all, you will have the ability to make great music.

It has over 16 tracks of stereo sound to build your beat with. You can easily draw in your sounds or patterns to create limitless music ranges. There are literally thousands of sounds and drums you can choose from - which we thought was essential for the professional music producer.

Lastly, we felt that this package had it all. It was usable, but more importantly it produced great, clean music.

The Verdict: If you are looking for a professional music making software system, then DubTurbro is certainly the best software out there, which is why we highly recommend it.

DUB Turbo is NOT the best beat maker! We recommend
"Dr. Drum"

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Looking for our DUBturbo review? We have found that Dr. Drum is far superior.
Read the review above to find out why.

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